NFT Warranty

nft warranty in luxury products

NFTs are already very popular in the art industry, and are giving freedom to all artists of art, to believe and expand their sales to the digital world, without any doubt, why? because the blockchain can secure the ownership of the art owner. But, How about the benefits of using NFTs as Digital Warranty ( NFT Warranty )? So, before, we go to more information about NFTs as Digital Warranty then, we need to know first!

What is a product Warranty ( guarantee )?

A product warranty is a guarantee that a product manufacturer gives to the customer regarding the condition and quality of its product. Compensation, repairs, or exchanges will be made or given if the product does not function as originally described or intended.More information...

And also, What is Digital Warranty? and Why more benefits?

in the past, for applying the product warranty, the customer need to fill any information in a product warranty paper card and sent this card via mail to the manufacturer and wait for confirmation or approval.

We can see that there are a lot of process involve in here, such as

  • printing the product warranty cards by the manufacturer
  • Sent a product warranty card via traditional mail is really time-consuming and costly
  • Then, after your card arrive in the manufacture company, their staff need to input your warranty data into their database.
  • and etc.

so, these inefficient, outdated, and burdensome processes to a customer, are never happen again in Digital Warranty. the registration of product warranty will being processed digitally, By fill up the form in the manufacturer website and that’s all, Done!

Okay, now, We go the point, What is NFT as Digital Warranty (NFT Warranty)? Cool... right

An NFT Warranty is the mechanism of implementing NFT as Digitial Warranty of the product and all the client input data related with the product warranty will be stored on the blockchain network.
And besides of offering more security, the blockchain also have the built-in features, for anyone to easily keep track of the product data, such as past owners, warranty conditions, and number of transfers.

And, Who are already use the NFT as Digital Warranty ( NFT Warranty )?

South Korean online shopping will begin issuing digital guarantees minted as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for luxury products.More information...

Want to go from NFT confused to NFT enthused, and have a better understanding of NFTs (non-fungible tokens)?

We provide more user-friendly NFT Terms ( acronyms ) in ourNFT Dictionary

Where can I create NFTs as my Luxury Product Warranty?

We will introduce to youOur NFTs Management System, where you can start and create your own NFT Warranty.

What other use-cases of NFTs for utility purposes?

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